Kierunek Skandynawia dla zdrowej skóry

Scandinavian women when asked how they achieve perfect skin cleanliness go miles beyond our understanding of cleanliness. It’s not just about everyday make-up removal – Scandinavian women are very economical in this area – but about protecting the skin from external contamination. While in Scandinavia, fog is the continent’s natural charm and the problem of our native smog is unknown to them. A Danish woman, as her first line of protection, will use a skin care product for anti-pollution protection. Why? Because she thinks ahead of the possible effects of air pollution, which cannot be seen, and which weakens the barrier of skin protection causing irritation, erythema, visible blood vessels, or loss of moisture.

A cool, porcelain, shiny skin.

Scandinavian women take great care to look natural and at the same time, minimalist in their approach.

The key to achieving the Scandinavian ideal of beauty is healthy and well cared for skin. Unfortunately, just as we are able to change our hairstyle with one/two colourings, we work on a beautiful complexion for a much longer period of time and this requires a greater commitment from us. Northern women owe their beautiful complexion, hair and nails to their lifestyle. A diet rich in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins A, C, E (slowing down the aging process), allows the skin to remain radiant and firm.

In Poland, look for the anti – pollution effect of the protective shield for the skin.

After all, each of us can’t stop working, travelling or resting in the bosom of nature in order to escape from everyday adverse factors that significantly worsen the condition of our skin, such as: air conditioning, carbon oxides, heavy metals, smog particles. However, we can consciously resist them, using products that create a barrier (protective shield) between the skin and the adverse environmental factors. How to do it? Let’s look for products with anti-pollution effect, which create a protective barrier to rebuild the hydro- lipid layer of the skin and act as a protective shield against the environment in which we currently live.

The discovery of Polish scientists for the protection of Polish women’s skin

The completely natural, active substance Biopolymer Dibushiel PRO-HEAL™ is designed to rebuild the water-lipid mantle of the skin and restore the protective barrier of dehydrated, atopic or vascular skin. It also protects the skin from adverse environmental factors on a daily basis. How does it happen? Biopolymer creates a 3D mesh on the skin, which protects and shields from pollution and protects the skin from its everyday effects.