When you live and work in a big city, you struggle every day with environmental pollution, smog, facing the effects of heating or air conditioning, all of which damage your skin barrier – and weaken its protective functions. The SHECELL dermatologic brand is a good and effective choice for you.

To provide you with the best antipollution protection for your dermocosmetics needs, we use DIBUSHIELD PRO-HEAL™ Biopolymer, which is an effective yet invisible protective shield for your skin. For even more complete and comprehensive protection, the power of our shield has been enhanced to protect you against UV radiation and environmental pollution as provided by Glycofilm® 1.5P


The biopolymer, patented by Polish scientists, produces a three-dimensional protective mesh on the skin surface. Its structure is the perfect “scaffolding” of the protective shield, which is a perfect protector for your skin against the negative impact of the external environment and pollution – including smog. It also provides you with optimal conditions for the growth of skin cells. Our biopolymer has a positive effect on collagen crosslinking, leading to more durable tissue, so your skin regains its firmness and full regeneration. Additionally, DIBUSHIELD PRO-HEAL™ accelerates tissue regeneration by increasing the amount of granulation tissue and the content of glycosaminoglycans, which provide you with a young appearance and excellent, long-lasting hydration.

DIBUSHIELD PRO-HEAL™ Biopolymer is a 100% natural ingredient. This assures you of safety and biocompatibility with your body. What is also important, it is environmentally safe. And yes, our biopolymer is completely biodegradable.

Glycofilm® 1.5P

We have used the ideal ingredient for this purpose to ensure optimal protection against UV radiation. However, Glycofilm® 1.5P not only protects against ultraviolet, but also environmental pollution. It creates a protective film on the surface of the skin, a discontinuous occlusion also known as “non-occlusive”. It is its structure that gives our protective shield a “second skin” effect. Glycofilm® 1.5P therefore protects you from the harmful effects of UV radiation, but just as importantly, from fine particles, heavy metals and the damage that chemicals can cause. Our “protective shield” provides excellent protection against oxidative stress, skin irritation and premature ageing due to environmental pollution.